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  • We are able to design woodlands specifically to meet your objectives, whether they are timber production, sporting, conservation, amenity, or any other. Professional planning at this stage is essential to facilitate management now and in the future.
  • More recently Carbon sequestration and fuelwood are becoming popular reasons for planting trees.
  • We design and establish Arboreta with a variety of objectives, regularly undertaking the restoration and management of historic landscapes including avenues and parklands.
  • Establishment:

  • We select the best quality plants and materials from appropriate suppliers and insist on careful handling and planting by skilled contractors.
  • We plant anything from forest whips in restock sites and new plantings to semi-mature trees in landscape plantings, parklands and arboreta.
  • Protection of trees from rabbits, deer and livestock is essential. We can supply guards and shelters or erect all types of fencing and construct individual tree crates as necessary.
  • Maintenance:

  • Control of competing vegetation is essential for plant survival and good growth rates in the first three to four years. Spraying and hand-weeding by skilled contractors will help keep the cost of establishment as low as possible in the long term.
  • Just before canopy closure or earlier if necessary is a good time to carry out a cleaning to release the crop trees from competing species such as birch, willow etc. As the canopy closes, the regrowth from the cut stumps should be suppressed.
  • Control of Grey Squirrels is vital in young plantations to prevent devastating damage to the trees. We supply hoppers and traps as necessary.

Following a clear felling operation the site is left ready for planting. It is essential not to damage or compact the soil as this will have a detrimental effect on the new trees. Harvesting should be avoided during periods of heavy rainfall.

The restocking has been done with oak groups in tree shelters. This allows a greater number of trees for final crop selection, facilitates maintenance to give better survival and growth rates. In the early stages, the light-demanding species thrive, but give way to more shade-tolerant species as the canopy closes.

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