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Timber Harvesting and Marketing

We aim to ensure our clients obtain the best prices for timber by:

  • Marking, measuring and valuing timber for sale from thinnings or clear felling.
  • Compiling sale details and maps for standing or felled timber, either for a direct sale, or an invitation to tender.
  • Preparing the site for inspection by potential buyers.
  • Providing and supervising certified harvesting contractors to fell and extract timber for sale at the roadside.
  • Drawing up Timber Sale Agreements with purchasers and supervising the harvesting operation to its completion.

Using the correct machinery with a skilled operator will ensure the trees are harvested with as little damage as possible to the timber, the remaining crop trees, shrubs and ground flora. Keeping the disturbance of the woodland soil to a minimum will enable the trees to thrive. Many harvesting sites can be severely damaged by compaction, which in turn can affect the drainage and aeration of the soil and lead to reduced growth rates in the future. Once rutted, unsurfaced rides will require major expense to restore them to a useable state. Some rides never recover if the damage is severe.

On clear felling sites it is very important to ensure harvesting work is only carried out with the appropriate machinery during suitable weather conditions. Any disturbance to the soil profile will have a profound effect on the survival and growth rates of the young trees that are planted when the site is re-stocked.