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Tree Safety Surveys

Tree safety is an important consideration for any land owner with trees within falling distance of property, roads and areas of public access. Land owners have a duty of care to ensure that appropriate action is undertaken to mitigate the risk of tree failure.

  • A typical ground-based tree safety survey from Abbey Forestry will follow the Visual Tree Assessment (VTA) method and included a full report on all tree hazards within a defined area.
  • Reports are accompanied by accurate digital mapping and recommended treatments required to maintain safe and healthy trees.
  • In some cases further investigation may be required to better determine the extent of decay or defect in question, this may take the form of an Aerial Tree Survey or through the use of a Resistograph test.
BS 5837 Tree Surveys - Trees in Relation to Design, Demolition & Construction

These surveys are requested by local planning authorities when a new building development may impact trees on a site.

  • Our experienced arboricultural surveyors will visit the site and assess the environmental, social and landscape qualities of the trees in line with BS 5837 recommendations.
  • A full report will be produced to include findings, digital maps and recommendations on tree removal or retention.
  • The results of the survey will be used in designing the development layout to allow the retention of high value trees and the removal of others (where applicable).
Resistograph (Micro-Drill) Survey
  • This instrument can detect decay, cracks and cavities in standing trees and timber.
  • The data produced from the test is analysed and used to make informed recommendations on the tree in question.
  • Abbey Forestry recommend investigation using a resistograph on trees of significant amenity, historic and personal value. This may include prominent roadside tress, veteran trees, and those considered to be important in the landscape.